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Fresh from London, England, these four classically trained world class musicians play custom-made electric violins, viola, and cello in a truly original show.  They blend charisma, humor, and energy to create a performance that will long be remembered. 
What Stringfever does so well is combine expert musical skill with clever novelty in a way that really entertains.  For example, their unique, acclaimed version of Ravel’s “Bolero” has all four playing on one cello simultaneously.  Then, they challenge the audience to play Name That Tune as they race through 20 of the best-loved movie themes in one breathless arrangement.  The show ends with their amazing signature finale,  “The History of Music” which takes the audience on a musical journey from classical   masterpieces to contemporary rock with forty tunes packed into an awesome five minutes!   Do not miss this opportunity to see this incredible performance. 


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